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Dive Into the New Age of Computing


Cloud Computing

Create a successful cloud strategy and infrastructure giving your business the ability to tackle modern cloud necessities, with broad coverage in Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and more.

Data Science 

Administration in data analytics, engineering and science,  Including  big data, cloud, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT), Data analyzation  with R, SQL Server, Tableau and more.

Cyber Security

Cyber and data protection, implementing penetration testing, digital forensics, malware analysis and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Build AI and machine learning applications and assessments on Python, TensorFlow, R, Neural Networks, Microsoft Cognitive Services and others to create more engaging experiences.

Business Architecture

Enterprise resource planning and management in SAP S/4HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Workday and Deltek.

Programming & Development

Custom application development platforms and tools. Build, deploy, secure and scale everything from web apps to mobile apps using C#, Java, Angular, JavaScript and more. 

Network Related Solutions

• Site Survey and Detail Design of Optic Fiber Network (WAN)

• Site Survey and Detail Design of UTP Cable Network (WLAN)

• Wayleave Acquisitions

• Wifi and Data Points Installations & Network Maintenance

- SHEQ Management

- TurnKey Project Management Services

- Stakeholder management

- SMME Management

- Quality Management & Technical services

• Optic Fibre Route build

• Optic Fibre Cable blowing

- D.I.T Services

• Splicing Services

• OTDR Testing

- UTP cable Testing

• Server Room Upgrades

• Cabinets Installations(RFO)WAN & WLAN

- Electrical reticulation

- Certificate Of Compliance Issue

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Technology is the grease on the wheels that will bring growth to your business. With growth as your mindset, Our team can ensure  a positive evolution of your business with our solutions.

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