How it works

Welcome to Afrobotics. Africa's biggest tech challenge. Be crowned Africa's best innovator, receive funding of USD 10,000.00 in cash, a one year scholarship with an online tech institution and mentorship.

Types of projects eligible for submission 

As makers and technologists ourselves we know that many  technology developers build personal or experimental projects that end up being shelved and never see the light of day.  This is the opportunity for those projects to come alive  and be recognized by the world. We welcome all creations in the the tech-spectrum.


Artificial intelligence

software development

Hardware / Product development

Web and Mobile Development

Game Development 


Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

and others

Candidates can submit projects created in the past or newly created for this competition.  

Step 1


Click on the tab that says "Register"

Create a profile by following the prompts

Once completed, select "Register" at the bottom of the page.


Step 2

Check that you have received an email confirming that your profile has been successfully registered.


Step 3

When you are ready to submit your project, go to and use your login details to enter the site.

click on  the  "Submit Project" tab and follow the easy steps on that page.

Judging Criteria


The winning project will be judged on the following criteria.

1.  Level of technical skill involved.

2. Originality of the product.

3. Creativity.

4. Functionality.

5. Overall execution of the Idea.

6. Adequate and elaborate videos and images explaining your creation process. 

Useful tips and information


1. Presentation is key, make sure you provide enough images and video content that describes your creation process.

2.  Make sure you explicitly show what your invention does.

3. Do not plagiarize.

4. Candidates can submit as a team or individual.